Enjoying all the moments

Recently me and one of my best friends were talking in the car and having one of those deep conversations that can never be planned. We talked about our worst days/best days and it just felt so good to open up like that. This is something I haven't done in a long long time. There's... Continue Reading →

Resolution for being 19

My birthday recently happened and since I never made a New Years resolution I've decided to make one now for being 19 years old. I'm pretty bummed about this birthday being 19 is my last year of being a teenager. When I turn twenty I will be officially an adult and that is just so... Continue Reading →

Advice to myself & yourself

I'm always telling myself if only this one thing was different, if my family was different, if I grew up somewhere else or if I had more money then I would be a better me. Lately though I've been thinking about that a lot and how things will never line up exactly how I want.... Continue Reading →

a new look

For this mini Photoshoot we did our makeup pretty crazy (for us anyway because we don't really wear makeup) and we drew flowers and butterflies on our faces. It didn't really turn out how I wanted if you click the link below you can see how I expected this to turn out. BUT I still... Continue Reading →

ASAP rocky

Last minute life I am a very last minute person, but lots of my best memories have been last minute and spontaneous. I didn't know about this concert till I woke up at 11am and had a text asking if I was going. Our last minute tickets were $74 each when they would have been... Continue Reading →

Pennys Coffee Shop !!

Me and Bre went to Pennys in downtown Minneapolis and it's the cutest place ever. The music being played there was upbeat and fun music. The walls were basically just big windows. Its just a good vibe there. Its not a cozy place though, and normally I want my coffee shops to feel cozy. That's... Continue Reading →

Adjusting to my new life

Why I moved My new life is in Minneapolis. Leaving Duluth was a necessary step in my life. I felt a little stuck in Duluth, stuck being the same person in the same place with no growth. I left to change my life up and see what a new place would do for me. My... Continue Reading →

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