Conexion at Open book

I decided I needed to get out of the house to do my homework because I find if I stay home I just end up watching Netflix instead of doing what I need to. The usual study place for me is caribou coffee but every single one of those looks the same and it was getting a little old. I live here just a 20 min drive away from Minneapolis/ Saint paul and I still barley know any of the cool places the city has to offer. I wanted to explore a little and that brought me to the open book cafe. (it’s really called conexion at open book but thats too long so we are gonna call it open book cafe)

the experience

As soon as I walked in all I could think about was wow it’s loud in here. I started walking and I was greeted by 100 little kids screaming and bumping into me. I was so bummed this place was a long drive and I had already paid for parking so I didn’t want to leave. I explored around a little and noticed how COOL this place was. As you can see from the pictures this place is decorated super industrial and I love it. There is two floors and these cool twisty stairs. Top floor was my favorite and where I sat because there were nice comfy chairs and brick walls with art hanging on the walls. & don’t worry the kids ended up leaving about 15 mins after I came in and then the quite and study time was on. The bottom floor was where you could get your food and there’s a big window over looking the street which is really cute. I get an iced vanilla latte everywhere I go so ya this latte I got was not as good as caribou but still good, honestly it’s pretty hard to mess up that drink. Anyway this place is super cute and you can also get alcoholic drinks here which is something I don’t see very much at cafes.

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