Sebastian Paul/Hippie sabotage experience

This was a night I will remember for a long time and it’s funny because I barley knew who hippie sabotage was. I love a good concert though so I spontaneously bought tickets and had an amazing night.

Love at first song

I can be pretty dramatic and I was pretty dramatic in how much I loved this man who opened for hippie sabotage named Sebastian Paul. His music was right up my alley, he was beautiful, he danced with soul and held my hand at one point.. how could I not be in love?

I was very obnoxious in yelling making sure he could hear me because I was right up front and there wasn’t that many people there yet surprisingly. I made the people around me help to get his attention by saying things like “Sebastian you need to meet this girl, get her some vip passes”. He looked over a couple times and honestly I couldn’t be happier at that point. I always fail at getting the artist attention so that was pretty cool. Then he came over to the front of the crowd and he was close enough to touch so I reached out yelling “I love you” and he looked down at me and grabbed my hand. It was a magical moment I won’t lie. I’ll add some of his music below because he’s not well known yet and I think he really deserves to be.

lust drunk is my favorite

The main show

Hippie sabotage was great and did such a good job connecting with everybody who came to see them. From joining the mosh pit to letting people up on stage with them. That is something that most artist don’t do. I don’t know if it was their style of music or the people I went with, but It was a different vibe in all the right ways. They really knew how to work the stage and they were screaming mosh pit every five minutes and that really got the crown going. I have never been pushed around so hard at a concert but I loved it. The crowd kept clearing big circles for people to go dance in and we went in! We showed off our killer dance moves, My friend showed off her belly dance moves and we danced the night away.

After the show

I had a feeling we were going to meet at least one of the artist so I made sure we stayed after for as long as we could. Magically we saw Hippie sabotage casually talking to some fans. We went over talked to them a little and got some pictures. We also got to see Sebastian Paul and talk with him. I was being way shy because he was just too cool but it’s okay because at least we got a picture. I love the fact that they both stayed after to meet their fans.

My friends and the night taught me the lesson that I need to just go for what I want. None of the highlights of this concert would have happened If I didn’t do that. It’s such a simple life lesson but it’s something I don’t do as much as I should.

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