Enjoying all the moments

Recently me and one of my best friends were talking in the car and having one of those deep conversations that can never be planned. We talked about our worst days/best days and it just felt so good to open up like that. This is something I haven’t done in a long long time. There’s something she said that really stuck with me that I thought was worth sharing.

The Realization

She was at a concert one day surrounded by her friends everyone was dancing and just enjoying the music. Even though she was at this fun place with music and lights everywhere she couldn’t help but think about the next weekend. She couldn’t help but think about how fun this next adventure was going to be. Then the realization came into view that even though she was at this awesome place she was thinking about the next thing they had planned instead of enjoying the moment she was actually in. This isn’t a new concept to me but hearing it out loud made me really think about it. I thought about how sometimes I let moments pass me by because I’ll be thinking about an event that would be even “better” then the one I was in.

Small moments

The little things matter too. We also started talking about how we tend to depend on stimulating moments to make us happy. I would always get so sad if I stayed home for more then one day because I always felt the need to have something crazy going on. If a party wasn’t that fun or my expectations weren’t met I would get so upset instead of just enjoying the moment I was in. Having that way of thinking really lets life pass you by because life isn’t just all big moments life is about the little moments. The little in-between moments take up a bigger portion of life so why not pay attention to them.

Time sloww down plz

I think a big reason I’ve been focusing so much on this whole pay attention to every Moment idea is because my life seems to be rushing by lately. I feel like I just moved here a month ago! It’s the second semester already and looking back the first semester seems like it was so short. I think time has been passing by because I have not been paying attention. I have not really been taking in all the little moments like I just preached about. This blog is a reminder to myself to take in life more and enjoy as much of it as I can.

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