Resolution for being 19

My birthday recently happened and since I never made a New Years resolution I’ve decided to make one now for being 19 years old. I’m pretty bummed about this birthday being 19 is my last year of being a teenager. When I turn twenty I will be officially an adult and that is just so sad to me. I feel like I’m no where near the title of being an adult but every year I think back to the last year and just laugh about how different I was. This new age and new year is just full of opportunities! I just hope I take advantage of that. I recently listed to a podcast called “what we said” and they said the best way to keep your resolution going is to not just come up with 20 things you want to do different. It’s to pick a smaller number of things you want to work on and create a plan, and expect some failures.

The List


Get more into yoga. I know yoga is such a basic thing that people are always talking about and I never understood why. BUT let me tell you it’s so rewarding and life changing. Only problem it’s so expensive. I recently did my free week at core power yoga and it was so fun. The first class I did was sculpt and wow it was way harder then I expected because it’s basically just a work out class with SOME yoga. I loved it though! I also did some more traditional yoga classes and they were relaxing but I prefer the ones that make me really feel like I’m building muscle. Thank god for Groupon because instead of $100 a month I’m going to be doing 10 classes for about $65 which is still a lot but so worth it.

#2 New Job

I’ve been working in the same company for over 2 years now and I just really need to move on. I haven’t been happy with this job but I have stayed because it’s familiar and I know what I’m doing.. for the most part. I don’t like to be new and have to learn everything over again so that is why I have stayed so long. It’s time to say goodbye though and move on to unfamiliar territory. That’s pretty hard for me sometimes so this is something I really need to follow through with.

#3 Get your ass up

Maybe I’ve always been lazy or obsessed with sitting in my bed curled up to my laptop or phone. OR maybe I’m just staring to realize this now but all I know is I need to change this habit. I feel like a much bigger portion of my life then I want is spent doing this. I am a very busy girl working, school, friends but somehow I always seem to make time to do nothing. Don’t get me wrong I love having my me time but most of the time it doesn’t feel like me time. Mostly it just feels like straight up wasting time. Netflix and Hulu need to chill with making such good movies and shows every two seconds because I really can’t help but binge a show at one point of the day. “get your ass up” is also applied to me in the morning. I’ve been having problems getting the day started I LOVE SLEEP but I hate how much time it takes up. I just need to be more motivated to sum this whole thing up.

Short and Sweet

I’m going to keep this at 3 things because other things I want to work on is being able to make myself happy, being positive, and more confident. But these are things we work on our whole lives they aren’t things I can just put in a list and accomplish in a year. That’s how I look at it anyway. If anyone has advice on any of my 3 resolutions feel free to let me know & Stay tuned to see if I follow through with these resolutions

WAIT #5 Keep up the blog

I’m going to add this as a resolution because I love blogging so much and sometimes I get really busy with life and I forget about it but I don’t want that to happen. The goal is going to be a new blog every two week at LEAST so stay tuned for that also !!!

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