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I’m always telling myself if only this one thing was different, if my family was different, if I grew up somewhere else or if I had more money then I would be a better me. Lately though I’ve been thinking about that a lot and how things will never line up exactly how I want. I make excuses like I would be more confident if only my friends made me feel that way more or I would do better in school if my parents pushed me more. The realization I’ve made is that it’s not up to anyone else. It’s all up to me because I control my life. It’s easy to blame outside factors for who you are. Of course it plays a big part but at the end of the day we choose how we let these factors affect us.

I’m very ready to do a better job following my favorite quote that is seen all over my blog “create the life you want” I got this quote from a girl named Indy blue who is famous on instagram and youtube for traveling. She graduated high school knowing she didn’t wanna go to college and just started traveling the world at eighteen. She simply created the life she wanted and I think we all have the power to do that.

Im gonna put one of her videos below that is my favorite because it’s so cool and so inspiring to me.

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