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Last minute life

I am a very last minute person, but lots of my best memories have been last minute and spontaneous. I didn’t know about this concert till I woke up at 11am and had a text asking if I was going. Our last minute tickets were $74 each when they would have been $20 if we got them before the day of the concert! but that was really our bad. Being last minute meant we didn’t have outfits so we had to go buy some right before the concert. The concert was at 8 we left the mall at 7:30 and still had to do our makeup. We finally made it to the concert an hour an a half in so 9:30. Hoping to avoid the line and waiting outside we were okay with being late, but we still had to wait in line! Pretty sure everyone had the same idea.

concert expertese

Ive gone to a couple concerts and from my experience you start in the pit to get a close view of the artist. After you get all your close up pictures of whoever is preforming and take it all in, you get the heck out of that sweaty crowded space. Then I usually head to the sides or the back to collect myself. To me a big part of the concert is feeling comfy and just dancing. I just like to make sure I have time chill on the sides where theres room to dance and enjoy the music without getting shoved around. Don’t get me wrong the mosh pit is kinda a big part of the whole experience but that’s only part of it for me.

The after party

Concerts are never long enough and I always leave feeling like I still wanna make the most of the night I have left. Normally we go have a feast and just hang out somewhere. This time it was a little different and somehow going to a strip club became the best way to spend the night. Walking up to this strip club we already knew it wasn’t the right move. Walking in there was seriously nobody there! Realizing this wasn’t our scene we decided to not go in, but right before we left we had the honor to meet one of the strippers. She gave us the compliant that we were so pretty she would makeout with each of us. Then got an Uber convinced the Uber to take us to McDonalds and went to bed.

Review of concert

Well since I missed all three of the openers I can’t really comment there. We made it just in time to see Asap. He started off wearing a mask which bothered me because all I wanted to do was stare at his beautiful face. Maybe that was the point of his mask though, maybe he didn’t want to distract us from the music. Anyway he was so good but that’s what I expected. He basically only played his new songs and I don’t know any of those, I’m more a fan of his older stuff. He did preform everyday and thats one of my favorites so that was exiting. Asap eventually took off the mask and I got to stare at that face for like an hour so ya was pretty cool.


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