Pennys Coffee Shop !!

Me and Bre went to Pennys in downtown Minneapolis and it’s the cutest place ever. The music being played there was upbeat and fun music. The walls were basically just big windows. Its just a good vibe there. Its not a cozy place though, and normally I want my coffee shops to feel cozy. That’s not the feel of Pennys. Pennys is very bright from the windows. You feel awake there because the music and the colors. Which was perfect for my mood that day. We even got a pretty good view of the sunset so just wanna say it’s a pretty cool place.

All that I accomplished this day was writing maybe a sentence in my blog. When the whole purpose we went was to blog. Instead I spend the time taking pictures and laughing. I had a great day even though It wasn’t how I planned. Need more no stress days like that.

andddd here are some of the pictures we took there

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