was my vacation worth missing 4 days of finals week?

Recently me and Bre went to Fort Lauderdale for a 6 day extremely needed vacation. yes this made me miss 4 days of finals week, was it worth it? YES

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how we saved $$$

This trip was SO CHEAP!! tickets were about $130 round trip. We had the red eye flight so it was 12am-5pm getting there and leaving was 10pm-1am. I know it might sound bad, but getting there early and leaving gave us basically two extra days. We didn’t go out to eat at all, spent $84 on groceries and just cooked for all of our meals. Another way we saved $$$ is by getting bus passes instead of paying $10 for an Uber every time we went somewhere. We also rented those electric scooters!! I RECOMMEND THIS! SO FUN! also dangerous so be warned, I may have crashed. Going 5 miles per hour might not seem fast but falling on cement that speed leaves you a lil messed up !!

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Wild times

Nothing too crazy happened on this trip. The wildest thing was an older man maybe 40 years old or something asked me and Bre to take a picture with him. We said yes cause we are just two polite girls, this was a mistake. After taking two pictures one individually with me, then one individually with Bre we thought the weirdness was over. The maybe 50 year old man then walked like 10 feet away and stayed that far away for about 20 seconds before returning to us. This time he asked us to come clubbing with him in Miami, we said no because we didn’t want to leave Fort Lauderdale. That response was not well thought out because then he just said we could go clubbing in Fort Lauderdale! I think we just said no we just were gonna have an easy night and sleep early. He then walked away for the second time to the same spot 10 feet away, stared into the ocean for another 20 seconds then guess what, he came right back. This time he asked us what we fond attractive in a man. I was pissed at this point, but the very smart Bre tells him we are not into men so we couldn’t answer his question. That shut him right up and he finally left us alone!!

boy action

Did we meet boys? Did the dream scenario of the ultimate vacation fling in my head happen? nahhhh. not completely. We met two boys, only knew one of their names. We got ice cream, once again got asked to go clubbing in Miami, we once again refused. My parents honestly should be so proud of me. Then we made plans to go to the beach the next day and they never contacted us again! Im still a little hurt, we even lowered our standards for them because they really weren’t that cute. But ya that was the only action we got.

Another pointless story

I can’t leave out the most embarrassing Uber ride ever!!!!!! Its definitely going to be one of those “you had to be there” stories but I feel like its just something that needs to be shared. This was after we landed in Florida. We were in our Uber to get food before we napped the rest of the day because it was 5 in the morning and we still hadn’t slept. I was just feeling uncomfy because I had the front seat, and being front seat of the Uber puts pressure on me to make the conversation. Our conversation is the usual where are you coming from, why are you here. I told him the normal answer Minnesota, for vacation. Then he asked me if we flew coach which was just a random question, and I laughed and said no. He then made a confused face and didn’t say anything else. Then like five minutes later I realized HE ASKED ME IF MINNESOTA WAS COLD AND I LAUGHED AND SAID NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and too much time had passed I could no longer save the situation, so I just sat there going over and over how confusing my answer must have been to him.

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The Conclusion

wanna end this by saying I had the best time on this vaca, and I’m so happy Bre was spontaneous enough to think of the idea of going. I think I was low on vitamin D or just low on sunshine in my life because before we went I kept having miny breakdowns about school, work, and life. I was feeling so stressed. It was so hard to get out of bed and all I wanted was sleep. Those 6 days really healed by body and brain right up because life has been on an upward spiral ever since THANK GOSH!

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